Frontend Engineer at NFT gallery

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Aug 04, 2021
Full time

KodaDot has grown as a rewrite of React components (Polkadot.js) to VueJs and continues as an NFT explorer in Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem.
Generally, we are looking for someone, who could help us move few issues forward. First as part-time to know each other and see how your flow is working and later switch to a full-time job if everything would be fit. We are really based on culture and ethos, that's why KodaDot is community-oriented.


  • Extending feature set, improving user experience and optimizing the client-side code

  • Creating modular components that can be re-used and recycled across the application

  • Work closely with the product team to implement UI designs


  • Generally oriented around VueJs & Typescript

  • experience with Vue2.x, probably Vue3.x is worth to have

  • Familiar with Nuxt, Vuex

  • Typescript-savvy

  • Familiarity with automation technologies and CI

  • Good to have is experience TailwindCSS, Buefy,

  • Accomplished at least one good first issue in our repository

  • Fluency in English

  • Experience working on remote and with distributed teams

Nice to have

  • A computer science or related degree

  • Experience working on blockchain technology

  • bonus, experience with WebXR, like A-frame is plus