Blockchain Solutions Architect, Integrations

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Acala Network
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Aug 10, 2021
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Our recent Kusama parachain slot auction victory has caught the DeFi community’s attention, and there are already plenty of teams out there that want to optimize their applications for our networks (Acala & Karura). As Head of Platform Integrations at Acala your role will focus on the successful integration of these blockchain projects with the Acala network and its DeFi primitives. This is a Technical Leadership role and will lead our Integrations strategy across multiple teams, and co-ordinate all of the Engineering activities involved, before and after launch.

Reporting to the CEO, your objective will be to run the technical partnerships between Acala and other blockchain projects building DeFi applications for the Polkadot ecosystem, wherever they are in the world. To successfully deliver this you'll need two things: A very strong understanding of the blockchain-based DeFi space across multiple ecosystems, including Ethereum and Polkadot; Experience leading the Software Product Integration process between companies from start-to-finish, from establishing the initial business case conversation through to coding due diligence, and working with Engineering teams on cross-platform technical integrations.

Our ideal candidate will already have spent some time working with blockchain networks and DeFi applications, whether commercially successful or not. But as an Engineering-centric startup, at minimum we need a technically-minded Solutions Architect with a mature interest in decentralized applications and the general concept behind blockchains and smart contracts.

What you'll do

  • Lead all technical integrations between Acala and 3rd party blockchain partners

  • Run point as POC for the Engineering Team(s) on both sides

  • Manage up to 10 planned blockchain integrations in your first year

  • Work closely with our Product Managers on new Acala product strategies and features

What it takes

  • 5 years of Software Platform / Product Development

  • Experience leading 3rd party Integrations

  • Experience with our stack: AWS, React,NodeJs, Mongo db, PostgreSQL, Rust, Docker

  • Strong understanding of blockchains, smart contracts & dApps

  • Bonus: Hands-on experience with Substrate and/or Solidity