Substrate chain/Parachain Development

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Edgeware / Kabocha
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Nov 10, 2021
London or Remotely

We're a Web 3.0 accelerator with our own blockchain (Edgeware) as well as upcoming parachain integrations with Kusama (Kabocha) and then Polkadot thereafter.

We're looking for someone who is keen to work on Edgeware's parachain integration (setup and maintenance) with Kusama.


- Has either previously made a parachain integration into KSM/DOT or has been working on parachain integrations on Rococo/Westend; Or has experience managing and upgrading a solo chain.

- Bump versions and test pallets.

- Decent Rust skills and real competence in substrate.

If this is interesting for you contact me, and we find a place for you to contribute in our community. We're unintimidating and are open for people with varying levels of competence.


We help you structure how you wish to be paid! And then we will support you to start your own project in the near future.