Global General Counsel [Fintech/DeFi]

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Acala Network
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Oct 03, 2021
Full time

Global General Counsel

This is the first General Counsel role at Acala. Ahead of our upcoming Polkadot launch, and the subsequent wave of integrations with other blockchain teams and payment service providers that will follow it, Acala has outlined its internal legal strategy for 2022. Although we intend to continue (and grow) our working relationships with our outsourced legal services partners in many regions of the world, we need an experienced pair of hands into which we can place the reins of this legal strategy. We also anticipate an increase in the number of patent and regulation issues that we'll encounter, and we're determined to take action to prepare for them.

In this role you will have three primary responsibilities; Legal Adviser to the C-Level founding team; Principal Liaison to our external legal partners; Researcher into the nitty-gritty detail of fintech patent law and 'best practice' methods for integration efforts (think 'when Uber met Visa' and you're on the right track). To be successful in each of these three respects you'll need a background not only on the frontlines of technology legal practice, but also that of the finance / payments industry. Experience working as an internal legal counsel for a technology startup will be highly advantageous, but is not an absolute requisite.

If you've negotiated similar legal cases before, and are as invested in a blockchain-based future are we are, then we want to hear from you.

What you'll do

  • Oversee and help to shape our international legal strategy, via any means necessary

  • Proactively identify and overcome the obstacles we face in 2022 and beyond

  • Navigate the emergent legal trends in the blockchain industry to sharpen your legal advice to us

  • Draft, review and maintain contractual documents and legal disclaimers

  • Manage day-to-day legal operations within the company (contractual agreements, etc.)

What it takes

  • License to practice law in US / APAC jurisdiction(s)

  • 3+ years of legal experience in international law firms

  • 1 year minimum in-house legal counsel experience

  • Experience with mature stage startups

  • Strong knowledge of fintech practices, and digital assets or tokens

  • All the other sexy stuff around drafting & redrafting regulatory contracts

What we offer

  • Competitive contract-based compensation (you'll have to invoice us from wherever you are)

  • Flexible working hours within Pacific timezones

  • Collaborative, transparent and empowering work culture

  • Meaningful work on creating better technologies for a fairer future

  • Opportunity to work in a multinational, high-performance team with diverse backgrounds