Developer Relations

Company Name
Composable Finance
Nov 08, 2021
Full time

Full time remote position

Our team at Composable Finance are on a mission to build a fully interoperable future capable of offering developers and end-users alike seamless user experience and utility.

Our vision of hyper liquidity and composability abstract the underlying technology into a single interface, unlocking the potential for new primitives to be developed at an unprecedented pace.

We believe that creativity, communication, and community will be reimagined and reconciled for a more inclusive and composable future. 

About the position 

If you love speaking, writing and helping other developers , this role is for you.

We are looking for Dev Relations to help us promote Composable Finance  by  telling a compelling story through code examples, demos, tutorials, engaging docs and medium posts,etc.

To take this role you will need to wear many hats from an education role to an engineering rol, marketing and community manager, so flexibility is needed! 


  • Write demo applications to demonstrate developers how Composable operates and how its functionality can be used.

  • Interact with developers and users of the ecosystem to understand their needs, and communicate the feedback to the rest of the team

  • Create documentation such as blog posts, tutorials and videos

  • Engage with the community and answer tech questions.
    Participate and organise meet-ups and conferences and Hackathons. 

  • Create technical blogs and help with medium articles

  • Troubleshoot issues, file bugs, work with the development team to fix and verify issues found.

  • Interact with developers and users of the chain to understand their needs, and write articles, tutorials, and code in response.

  • Create documentation such as blog posts, tutorials and videos to teach developers how to build with Composable. 

  • Build relationships within the developer community to understand the needs, frustrations, and feedback among the community.

  • Be active and engaging in social media (primarily Twitter and Medium, but also communicate and answer questions on Discord, Telegram, Reddit), support community managers with tech answers.

Requirements & skills 

  • Good understanding of Defi space, blockchain technology.

  • Experience in a similar role in this industry.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills in English.

  • Ability to code demos as well as the skills to document and comment code.

  • Can confidently moderate discussions among technical and non-technical groups.


  • 100% remote & flexible hours

  • Growing challenging environment

  • Learning possibilities (conferences, meet-ups, courses, etc.)

  • Additional equipment

  • Paid time off