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Mar 30, 2022
fully remote
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We are looking for a Node Engineer that can help us improve our Interlay and Kintsugi cross-chain networks. You will enable us to ship new features to our community, keeping our TypeScript library (, GraphQL layer (, and monetary library ( up to date, and help the team scale.

You are our perfect candidate if you have a strong track record of implementing and releasing Node projects written in TypeScript, maintaining GraphQL code-bases, and contributing to open-source projects. You are both a passionate software engineer that cares deeply about shipping a product, writing maintainable code, tests, and type systems as well as a great communicator that values teamwork in an agile and remote environment.

You are ideally passionate about DeFi and crypto-currencies and have the drive to solve novel issues.

What you will do

  • Implement new features for our Interlay/Kintsugi bridge in our open-source library ( as well as the GraphQL caching layer ( (similar to “The Graph” in the Ethereum world).

  • Support your own team using the API and queries you are implementing as well as helping the wider community to leverage the libraries by adding great documentation and supporting as needed

  • Ensure that our bridge at is running and resolve issues in production such as JS integrations in the UI and with block explorers

  • Coordinate with the Rust team on upcoming changes to the underlying blockchain implementation and, if needed, check the Rust code for types and events with the support of the Rust team

  • Provide scripts to support others e.g., arbitrage bots, cross-chain testing, or monitoring interfaces

  • Write end-to-end tests with tools such as docker compose and coordinate with DevOps

  • Review pull requests of other team members and give constructive feedback to refactor/improve our current implementation

  • Drive our open-source efforts to release useful libraries back to the open-source community (e.g., our monetary lib)

  • Contribute to external / third-party dependencies (e.g., polkadot.js) and submit patches upstream


  • Proven 5+ years experience in implementing and maintaining Node projects in TypeScript

  • Proven experience in providing SDKs to other engineers including great documentation that includes clear API definitions and usage examples

  • Self-guided ability to contribute to external repositories and open-source projects

  • A strong desire to iterate fast and ship the product to the community as often as possible

  • Thorough understanding of testing best practices with multiple different software components

  • Enjoy working in agile teams and have a knack for improving the development process in collaboration with the team

  • Outstanding communication and planning skills

Nice to have

  • You are a DeFi/cryptocurrency user

  • You have experience in testing automation and devops tools such as Docker, Datadog, ...

  • Prior work with libraries such as polkadot.js, ether.js, cosmjs, solana-web3js, terra-js

About us

We are an early-stage blockchain startup, envisioning a future anyone can use any digital asset on any blockchain, trustless and without limitations. Our flagship product is interBTC - a 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset, collateralized, interoperable, and censorship-resistant. interBTC enables everyone to invest, earn and pay with BTC on any blockchain, realizing the true free nature of Bitcoin and decentralized finance.

We are a team of 20 (and growing), distributed globally across Europe (primary time zone), North America, and Asia.

We live decentralization and transparency. We’re 100% remote, all our code is open source, our products are community-owned and backed by top-tier research. We are dedicated contributors to advancing Bitcoin & blockchain tech since 2015 and believe in the potential of a community-owned financial system, through hype and FUD.


  • Research-oriented team

  • Solve novel problems

  • Stock options

  • Remote working

  • 30-day vacation

  • Allowance for a co-working space

  • Yearly retreat

the salary range for this role is £80-120k