Global Ambassadors

Company Name
Oct 20, 2021
Full time

I think maybe your work includes:

* Translate OpenLeverage articles and Tweets into your language for us, and tell your nationals about this fantastic DeFi project

* Work with us to create a community designated to your country & region. Gosh, I think this is very exciting

* Maybe you are also active on Instagram, Youtube, and Tik-Tok. Why not shoot something cool about OpenLeverage with us?

* Maybe you have known about some other crypto projects. Try to contact them and get them to OpenLeverage to make the derivatives trading pairs of their tokens, which interest many projects

* I hope you take the liberty to initiate more topics to add more vibes to our community, so come to Discord to chat with users around the globe

* When the community has questions about our product, take care of them promptly and find us for accurate answers or feedback

Of course, we will provide resources and perks:

* Some wages, which will be paid in $USDT and $OLE

* If you did great, there will be bonus rewards

* Customized NFT belonging to the ambassador

* We will help you become a great Key Opinion Leader in the OpenLeverage community

* Grow with us. We will do our best to help you realize your ideas

Man, I think you already know what you hope to do, so, the incredible journey, would you like to set off now with us?

If you decided that you want to thrive with us, it would be wonderful to hear back from you.

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