Solidity Support Engineer

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Acala Network
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Aug 10, 2021
Full time

As a Solidity Support Engineer your role will focus on the successful maintenance of Acala's Smart Contract repositories, and their reliability and availability for other Blockchain teams interested in working with our EVM. You'll do this on private Discord & Slack channels, but also on our public tech discussion channels. You’ll be expected to work on production level code and its associated documentation, with little management or supervision, and to contribute new ideas to our ongoing projects. You won't be working alone, and you'll have a lot of support from Bryan Chen and the other members of the Acala Engineering Team.

The multiplier effect will apply to this role, as other development teams will regularly be escalating issues to you that they cannot solve by themselves. Our ideal candidate will have experience working in a similar environment, producing high-quality support documentation for a wide technical audience. We're expecting to hire someone who is very familiar with Solidity, and the concepts behind smart contracts, but we’re open to a wide range of candidates that might have been focused on other areas of decentralised application development.

What you'll do

  • Work with teams from multiple blockchain development projects

  • Provide Support to Solidity Engineers working with the Acala EVM

  • Wire and document example Smart Contracts in Solidity

  • Own Smart Contract support issues from channels like Discord & Slack

  • Offer guidance on how to leverage some unique features of the Acala EVM

  • Write high quality technical documentation for a wide audience

  • Examine, review, and make suggestions for Acala QA processes

What it takes

  • Demonstrable Solidity skills on your GitHub

  • High quality software documentation & QA experience

  • Strong knowledge of dApp concepts, and DeFi trends/methods

  • Dev Team Support experience would be a big bonus

  • Ability to work independently with little supervision

  • Genuine desire to help dev teams with complex technical support issues